Happy Reunion With the Audience at Joensuu Market Square

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Big Music for Small Cities_Market Place events

The market event for the whole family in Joensuu Winter Music Festival was celebrated in sunny weather on Saturday 24th of July. We are delighted of the number of the audience and towards the end of the event the population only increased. At most the event had about 200 people at a time.

The event was hosted by Tomi Kervinen, a founding member and director of Teatteri-Traktor.

Theater-Tractor's functional, participatory and music-filled performance set in motion the whole family. At the market, important sea skills were learned: reefing, dancing and rejoicing under the guidance of pirate characters.

Ruska Tuohimaa and Alma Alpakka from the Fairytale project reminded the audience through fairy tales about equality between people, acceptance and consideration of all people.

The charming Tulikatti Choir of the Joensuu Conservatory performed songs from children's films. The choir was conducted by Susanna Mäki and the pianist was Matilda Nikkinen.

The market event culminated in the fast-paced and skilful dances of Motora’s Säpäkät and Vinhakat.

We are grateful to the Karelia CBC program and its funders European Union, Finland and Russia for supporting the new events of the Joensuu Winter Music Festival within the project “Big Music for Small Cities”.