First learning site installations in Finland under NatureBeST project finalized at Laitalan Lomat

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water saving pilot

On 8-9.12.2020, we finalized our first NatureBeST pilot installation in the Finnish side. This pilot is a learning site for water efficiency. At the premises, showerheads, taps and toilets were fitted with water saving features. The toilets were also fitted with flush guards that transformed the old ones from single flush to dual flush which are more efficient.

The changes to the taps, showers and toilets should save clean water without compromising on the comfort. The solutions will save both environment and costs as the existing toilets and taps needed not be fully replaced, but rather checked and fitted with features that improve their efficiency. At best, water savings will be between 25-50%. When clean water consumption decreases, the amounts of wastewater are also significantly reduced, which saves both the environment, and costs for the entrepreneur. These were done in cooperation with Innotek Oy. Videos about our pilots will also be made available. 


Why was the site chosen as a water saving pilot site?

For visitors, quality in form of comfort while at accommodation facility, is usually important in addition to environmentally friendliness. To entrepreneurs, energy-efficiency- and eco-efficiency of clean water use and wastewater treatment, as well as material efficiency are important for overall supply chain performance of the accommodation facilities as these can help reduce costs. A well-designed solution can improve environmentally friendliness of the facility and offer long-term savings in addition to comfort.

Laitalan Lomat offers accommodation, food and programme services for visitors. The place is also popular for family events and favoured by campers for catering services. Sustainable tourism development is very important for this entrepreneur and this has been visible in their continued development of sustainability actions. There are multiple buildings within its premises that offers accommodation options. The site also has a kitchen and restaurant and attracts about 3000 visitors a year including event visitors. Among other, 6 showers, and 8 toilets can be found within the premises. Since water and restroom use (taps, shower, toilet flush) are necessary and commonly used features by visitors, this site was the most potential as a learning site for water efficiency. Saving clean water automatically decrease also the wastewater amounts and management. Eco-friendliness is a moving target why Laitalan Lomat is North Karelia Biosphere Reserve partner; a sustainability partnership based on commitment to sustainable development.