Finnish and Russian young entrepreneurs met in the city of Kostomuksha

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Finnish and Russian young entrepreneurs met in Kostomuksha

From September 30 to October 2, Finnish and Russian project participants, young entrepreneurs, participated in 22H Challange in the city of Kostomuksha.

Within 3 days the participants got to know each other, attended excursions, listened to interesting lectures from Finnish and Russian experts and entrepreneurs.

On the first day, an interactive excursion to the Kostomuksha Reserve was organised for all participants of the BUSY project.

The reserve is located in the North-West of the Republic of Karelia, near the border with Finland. It consists of the Kostomuksha reserve and the Kalevala national park. During the tour, participants got familiar with interesting information about tourist routes, excursions and events, got acquainted with the exposition, interesting facts about the life of the inhabitants of the northern forests, etc.

On October 2, as part of a trip to the city of Kostomuksha, a training "Financial and advisory support to small and medium-sized enterprises" was held from the Center for Entrepreneurship Support of the Development Corporation of the Republic of Karelia.

Speaker: certified business coach, JSC Federal "Corporation" SME "Selifanov Artem Viktorovich - Head of the Center for Entrepreneurship Support of the Republic of Karelia.

Marina Utitsyna, the head of the Center for Innovation in the Social Sphere, also spoke about social entrepreneurship to the training participants.

All participants in the BUSY project received useful teaching materials and the most relevant information for developing their business.

The most important task of all 3 days of our educational trip to the city of Kostomuksha was to participate in 22H Challange, an original development of our Finnish experts from Oulu University of Applied sciences.

6 international teams had to generate 45 business ideas that could be launched in the territory of Karelia and Finland. After that, all participants were asked to crystallize all the ideas to the 3 most viable and interesting for cross-border cooperation.

For inspiration and successful idea generation, the specialists from the Kostomuksha Reserve and the National Park and a successful entrepreneur from Karelia - Sergey Melekhov prepared presentations for the participants.

On October 2, the final presentation of 18 ideas took place, among which invited experts from the Administration of the city of Kostomuksha and specialists from the Reserve and the National Park chose the 3 most interesting: Forest road, Non digital-weekend and Music festival Cloudberry.

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Also these days in the city of Kostomuksha the international forum "New Business Opportunities" was held, where Maria Melnikova, specialist in international relations BusinessOulu (Oulu, Finland) spoke about “Activities of Business Oulu on the development of cross-border cooperation with Russia” including cooperation within BUSY project.