Epic heritage and modernity, Karelian white nights and northern lights

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Bog Music for Small Cities

What can unite such different phenomenas? Of course, music! Specially for the project “Big Music for Small Cities” composers from Russia and Finland will create new musical works. Three well-known Russian maestros will work on a symphonic suite, consisting of three parts and based on visual images of the cultural and natural features of the region. The Finnish composer will complement the program with a piece of modern symphony music.

The project partners do not currently disclose information about the names of composers who are interested in participating in this work. But it is safe to say that these are world-class talents and idols of a modern symphonic musical audience.

On April 20, a meeting was held online with the participation of artistic experts from the Big Music for Small Cities project, Tatyana Talitskaya, deputy director of the Karelian State Philharmonic, and Eero Lehtimäki, conductor of the Joensuu city orchestra. Colleagues shared their vision of the music, which should form the basis of the future joint program of the two orchestras.

Tatyana Talitskaya said that the Russian side plans to engage three well-known composers from Moscow and St. Petersburg. The Finnish side, as confirmed Eero Lehtimaki, is also in the process  of approving the candidacy of the composer to participate in the project.

Work on a new music program for the orchestras is planned to be completed by autumn. In November this year, a joint music session of two orchestras is scheduled in Petrozavodsk with the premiere of this program. In February 2021, the program will be performed in North Karelia as part of the annual Music winter festival in Joensuu.

The organizers hope that the objective limitations that the whole world is facing now will be removed by this time. And then the residents and guests of Petrozavodsk and Joensuu can be the first to enjoy the Big Music of the project.