Environmental education in Tolvuya by CBC projects

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Green school class

On December 16, the Tolvuya School hosted an educational platform "Eco-suitcase at school". The aim of the event is to disseminate the best experience and up-to-date environmental knowledge to the student. An event took place within the framework of cooperation between the international CBC projects "Wasteless Karelias" and "Green school".

A lesson with different measuring instruments from the "green suitcase" for schoolchildren of 5, 6, 7 and 8 grades was conducted by students of the 11th grade of the Mezhvezhyegorsk school, Diana Lukina and Nikita Kuleznev. Together with curator Lyubov Fedotova, they prepared a presentation on the main idea of ​​the project, its goal and the achieved results. The empirical part was especially interesting, as it consisted of the tasks of measuring the indicators of the energy consumption efficiency: heat, electricity, humidity and lighting in the classroom have been measured. As a result, a conclusion was drawn up and presented to the school principal that, in general, the classroom meets the standards, with the exception of the air temperature, which was higher than normal. Thus, some ventilation and heat supply adjustments are to be implemented.

After that, representatives of the “Wasteless Karelias” project Olga Potasheva and Anton Shcherbak presented commemorative certificates, diplomas and prizes to the participants of the recent “TRASH ART in the lens” competition. Zoryana Gutsulyak, Anton Stafeikov and Artem Romanov received diplomas in the nomination "The best craft from secondary raw materials". The Audience Award was awarded to Ksenia Manoilova.

As part of the project, the Tolvuya School and the Institute of Economics of the KarRC RAS ​​concluded a Cooperation Agreement with the aim of involving students in scientific, practical and educational activities aimed at the formation of modern ecological and cultural norms of the daily life of rural residents.

We look forward to new meetings and interesting joint events!