EDUWATER: study visit to Helsinki for Petrozavodsk teachers

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EDUWATER teachers

Another stage of the “Education for Sustainable Water Use” project has been completed — a study visit to Helsinki for the teachers and project partners from Petrozavodsk took place in the beginning of March.

The program prepared by the Finnish project partners from the Environmental Institute of Finland/ SYKE, provided an opportunity to get acquainted with various aspects of environmental education programs in Finland and with the organizations involved in the implementation of these programs. Visiting the lyceum and the Ecological Center in Espoo, getting acquainted with the environmental programs of the Helsinki region environmental services association/ HSY, with the activities of the Environmental Institute in the field environmental education of children and youth, including laboratory research projects.

The Vijikinmaki sewage treatment plant , the largest of its kind in Nordic countries, was very impressive. The complex is located underground, in the rock, and includes mechanical, chemical and biological treatment. Treated effluents are diverted to the open sea along a 16 km long rocky tunnel.

The group had a very productive meeting with the SYKE project team, which worked with a group from Petrozavodsk throughout the program. Teachers from Petrozavodsk and partners from SYKE shared methods of conducting classes on sustainable water use, discussed mutual interests and prospects of a future meeting in Petrozavodsk.