Eco-efficiency pilots as learning sites in NatureBeST project

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Koli Keidas is an accommodation facility on Mattila Farm in Koli National Park. The facility strives to offer eco-friendly services and commits to improving the eco-efficiency of the facility by incorporating good practices and eco-solutions whenever possible. During the summer, café Mandala serves local cuisine and is well-known for its vegetarian specialties.

The entrepreneurs were interviewed earlier in the project on barriers to improving eco-efficiency in the facility. Project partners from CEDTENK made few visits thereafter; this summer and earlier in autumn and discussed with the site managers about possible solutions to problems facing the facility. The facility will therefore be one of the pilots to be implemented within the framework of our NatureBeST project.

The pilot solutions will be realized in other facilities too.  The solutions, even though vary from site to site, try to sort issues around energy, water, and waste efficiency. The aim is that the intended site-specific solutions will improve eco-efficiency in the tourism facilities chosen as demo sites, and that these results can act as learning sites offering tangible examples with measurable results for other facilities.