Developing Creative and Tourism Industry Products for the Foreign Markets Webinar

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Screen shot of webinar participants

On 9.6.2020, a webinar related to creating and developing creative and tourism industry products for the foreign markets was held by PetrSU and Karelian Research Centre of Russian Academy of Science. The webinar was created in cooperation with Karelia CBC founded projects КА-3004 CULTA, КА-8016 TourSME, КА-4007 KALITKA, КА-8022 KARWELL. The webinar was organized in Russian language and aimed at developing participants' modern competencies in the effective implementation and promotion of services for tourists arriving in the Republic of Karelia.

PetrSU's Natalia Kolesnikova gave insights of wellness tourism in the Karelian region and presented the Karelian Wellness project.

The webinar was attended by over 40 professionals working in the field of tourism, hospitality, hotel, excursion, cultural and entertainment business, specialists in creative industries, as well as university and college students.