CBC Karelia project «Kantele Goes Global! Ground Zero» has started

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The first partners’ meeting of the Kantele-GO!

On February 7, 2019 the first partners’ meeting of the Kantele-GO! project («Kantele Goes Global! Ground Zero» KA3100) was held in Petrozavodsk.  The Grant contract between the Managing Authority of the CBC Karelia Programme and the Karelian National Song and Dance Ensemble «Kantele» was signed in January 2019. 
The Kantele-GO! project is aimed at preserving and developing the most famous music instrument of  Karelian and Finish people. Project partners combine their efforts to make kantele music more diverse and interesting to the public through new forms of cross-border activities. The Karelian National Song and Dance Ensemble «Kantele», the Lead Partner, and the project partners  - the National School of Arts of Pryazha district, the Runosong Academy in Kuhmo, Finland, and the University of Eastern Finland, share their professional expertise in order to modernise kantele repertoire and find new niches for kantele music, intensify touring activity and develop performing techniques of kantele players. 
At the kickoff meeting the project partners specified their roles, responsibilities and handovers to implement the action plan. The Kantele-GO! plan includes four Master Courses for kantele players of all levels,  three Music Labs for professional musicians, two Youth Forums for music students and teachers and three major concert tours presenting new kantele music in Finland and Karelia. The number of communication activities will come as a dissemination support to project objectives. The project will be completed in 32 months.  

For more information please visit the Kantele-Go! project’s webpage
https://kareliacbc.fi/ru/    https://kareliacbc.fi/en/projects/kantele-goes-global-ground-zero-kantele-go-ka3100