Big Music Workshops in Joensuu and Petrozavodsk

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Big Music Workshops

Within the framework of the Big Music for Small Cities project, world-class musicians will hold work shops for soloists of the Karelia Philharmonic Orchestra and the Joensuu City Orchestra.

The session will open on 21 September in Joensuu, where famous Finnish-German conductor Ralf Gothoni will give master classes to the musicians of the city orchestra (in English).

On October 18, two master classes will be held at the Karelian State Philharmonic. Such famous maestros as Sergei Dogadin (violin) and Boris Andrianov (cello) will be the mentors. The working language is planned to be English as well. Not only the soloists of the Karelian Philharmonic will be able to upgrade the skills with the honourable Russian musicians. Participants from Finland will also receive online training.

In order to provide an opportunity to view the workflow for everyone, the organizers will provide an online broadcast. A limited number of musicians will be able to attend the work shops in the Philharmonic hall. Therefore, registration will be announced beforehand.

Another music session might take place in Petrozavodsk in December-January. This information will be clarified later.