Big Music for Small Cities project has summed up its results in a video

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Big Music for Small Cities

The Big Music for Small Cities project has become a vivid example of how the unifying and creative power of art, despite the circumstances, is able, while preserving values, to create new formats of creative interaction and artistic expression.

Two years ago, it was impossible to imagine that communication with partners would be only online and joint festival would be held being on different sides of the border, and at the end of everything, the project would make a movie. But if there is a close-knit team, then any ideas, even the most unexpected ones, become a reality.

The project sincerely thanks everyone who has been with us and believed in us for two years! It was a success, and the results even exceeded expectations.

Invaluable experience and knowledge, new opportunities, reliable partners and friends who supported us in our joint work - all this remains with us forever!

To watch the video results of the project follow the link