Big Music for Small Cities Project Has Released a Talk Show

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Within the framework of the Big Music for Small Cities project, lighting designers have gathered on a filming venue in Petrozavodsk – those high-level specialists who create large-scale light shows and organize installations around the world.

Kari Kola is light artist from Finland, who has implemented more than two thousand projects, including lighting design at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, a light show at Stonehenge, and the Wild Beauty installation in Connemara (Ireland).

Ivo Schoofs is a physicist and light artist from the Netherlands who creates large-scale audio and visual installations around the world.

Dmitry Poltavsky - stage lighting specialist, works in the team of the Splin group.

Nikita Krasnov is a lighting designer who works with the rock group Louna and rapper Morgenstern.

Alexey Evstifeev is a stage lighting specialist who works at events from stand-up shows to various awards ceremonies and concerts of Russian pop stars.

Kirill Zebold is a motion designer, he started on television in Kostomuksha(Karelia), and today he implements major federal projects.

The filming was directed by Kirill Sbitnev, director of the Russia-Kultura TV channel.

The talk show was the result of a 5-day training that videographers and lighting designers went through in Petrozavodsk. The training included master classes on light control in the implementation of filming process, on the use of various specialized programs for video editing and color correction. A separate part was devoted to the filming processes and creation of a television project.

At the talk show itself, the participants talked about the secrets of their profession. They talked about the past experience that led them to the profession, the skills required for a lighting designer, fantasized about possible new developments and creative “dreams”.

Russian lighting designers have outlined the key qualities that a specialist who works on stage with light should have.

The topic of the pandemic, which has seriously changed people's lives and reformatted creative processes, has not been spared either.

 Ivo Schoofs and Kari Kola, known for their large-scale projects, shared their impressions of the installation in the Dutch Eindhoven, when a thousand red helium balloons were launched into the air as a sign of hope for people at home during the lockdown. Their memories of working in harsh natural conditions were interesting as well.

The full version of the Light as Art talk show can be viewed here.

 “We hope that the talk show will stimulate the organizers to find interesting new ideas,” said Anna Tomchik, head of the Directorate of Festival and Cultural Events. “At the same time, we are solving one more task - to popularize light as an art, to tell what is interesting about such projects and what they give to territories”.

 Photos for this article are provided by photographer Denis Hamalainen.