3 Pilot Films will be shot in Karelia and Finland in 2020

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3 Pilot FIlms will be shot in Karelia and Finland in 2020

International filmmaking teams from the Republic of Karelia and Finland started pre-production phase of 3 pilot films within KA3008 project.

Pilot films will be promoted in the world film networks and online cinemas like Netflix and other. They can reveal Karelia and Finland as territories for filmmaking and increase attractiveness of these territories. On the basis of the pilot project will be created film series with many episodes. 

All 3 films will be created by international teams from Petrozavodsk, Joensuu. Shooting will be made in Koli National Park, Zaonezhie, and Joensuu regions as well as in pavilion of Karelian cinematographers' Union (Petrozavodsk)

Films will be shot in three genres (comedy, drama and science fiction) Movie synopsis and film budgets are ready now. Partners are discussing shooting aspects.