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Summer capm in Petrozavodsk

📋On June 22-27, the State National Theatre of Karelia will host the International Theatre Camp of the «Theatre Crossroads» project. 10 Petrozavodsk actors and 6 actors from Finland will take part in the camp. The artists have already completed joint training in the «Demidov's Acting School» (March 2019, Petrozavodsk) and “The Art of Movement” (June 2019, Joensuu) project laboratories and have become an excellent international team.

📌The camp will be held in the format of joint and individual online rehearsals. The necessary equipment is installed at the theatre. This unusual and complex, at first glance, format of interaction will be a new stage in the disclosure of the creative potential of the theatre on both sides of the border, a unique experience for all participants of the camp.

✨The camp work will focus on the study of the inner world of man, where the body and music are the main tools of expression. Thinking in body language, based on various types of stage movement and deliberately devoid of words, will form the basis of the search for new forms of visual interpretation of the dramatic text.

💥The Head of the camp will be Kirill Sbitnev (Moscow). Tiia-Mari Mäkinen , professional theatre director and teacher will become an assistant in Finland. The basis for creative research will be the play «Peer Gynt» by Henrik Ibsen.
Each day will be starting with training sessions by actor and director of the State National Theatre of Karelia Vyacheslav Polyakov. The morning warm-up will include elements of contact improvisation, yoga, coordination exercises, and removal of clips. Vocal classes will be conducted by the actress of the State National Theatre of Karelia Xenia Shiryakina. There is also an evening program for free communication of all participants.

⭐The result of the work will be a joint rehearsal of «Peer Gynt» and a concert program that will include solo and joint vocal performances in Finnish and Russian.

🗒Karelia CBC is a cross-border cooperation programme creating an attractive region for people and business. Programme is financed by the European Union, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland.

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Photo: Theatre summer camp in Niittylahti (Finland), 2019.