SUSWAM promotes waste sorting in Kostomuksha

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SUSWAM and children from Center of Additional Education

During the period from 30.05 to 4.06 an ecological campaign on waste sorting was organized in Kostomuksha Center of Education Development as part of SUSWAM project. The staff of the Center was involved not only in waste sorting in the workplace, but also had a chance to bring some waste categories, e.g. used batteries from home to be temporary stored in the workplace and then further recycled. The campaign was supported by Administration of Kostomuksha and OOO MSA, who acquired the prizes for the participants. Waste storing is one of the biggest challenges in waste sorting in Russia due to relatively small living spaces and absence of the shared infrastructure for separate waste storing.

In June 2021, Center of Additional School Education in cooperation with OOO MSA and Administration of Kostomuksha organized 4 ecological trainings in a form of children street game. Children learnt how to distinguish and sort waste, watched thematic educational videos and acquainted with the concept of “responsible shopper.” Additionally, children took part in “eco-hunt” for street litter and numerous ecology related quizzes. Project partner OOO MSA sponsored the prizes.

Organisers are trying their best to raise ecological awareness of Kostomuksha citizens as well as promote waste sorting, which is a prerequisite for sustainable waste management.