Study on cross-border e-commerce package deliveries published

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Iina Laakso e-commerce


Iina Laakso's master's thesis "Cross-border e-commerce package deliveries between Northern Finland and Russia"  is available

The thesis is made at the University of Oulu, Oulu Business School as a part of LOGOKA-project.  The purpose of the study is to overcome the barriers by finding ways to develop cross-border e-commerce package delivery between Northern Finland and Russia. Based on the qualitative data, companies in the regions do not recognize the opportunities of the Russian e-commerce market very strongly. The main barriers that companies face are lack of knowledge and language barrier. The unclear procedure regarding returns and exchanges of delivered products and issues with overly stirct customs procedures were discovered. The cross-border e-commerce package delivery  can be developed by sharing information about the Russian e-commerce market and its practicalities.