Small Karelian companies interest in online sales

Submitted by KA8009 on
Webinar 24.2.2022

On Friday 24th February LOGOKA -project held a webinar concerning possibilities of e-commerce: “Using e-commerce tools and promotion of goods and services in Russia, Finland and other countries of the European Union” The webinar highlighted the features of e-commerce and oline shopping in Russia and Finland.

For example, Entrepreneurship Support  Center   of JSC “Development Corporation of  Republic of Karelia” is supporting small Karelian companies to enter e-commerce marketplaces like and Evgenia  Chebotareva told us how she is selling gingerbread products (prjanik) online via

Mikael Krasnov from Finnish company Growthsulting that helps Finnish companies to enter Russian e-commerce markets, highlighted the ways of doing business online and the challenges of cross-border trade.    

We got good ideas from the discussions and despite all the uncertainties, the work will continue on the project.