New video to summarize the Biokarelia project

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The CBC Biokarelia project has come to its end. To summarize the project a video "Forest fires in a warming world - Finland at the crossroads between prevention and biodiversity friendly measures" was made.  The video gathers the project topics and showcases some of the results. It also serves as a visualizer of the project and makes it easier to bring out results of the project.

When watched on Youtube (click here), the video includes subtitles in English and in Finnish! You can choose the language from the Settings of the video (at the bottom right corner)!

Two webinars were organised within the Biokarelia project that highlight and describe the results of the project: "Connectivity of high conservation value forests along Finnish-Russian borders" and "Cross-border monitoring and forecasting of forest fires and biodiversity losses". Recordings of the presentations within the webinars can be found in the playlist on Youtube and the presentations in a pdf form in the website:

Biokarelia ProMS service was developed containing e.g. fuel paths, canopy fuel load and ignition sensitivity that helps to estimate where a forest fire may cross the border and aid in managing those fires. Arbonaut ProMS (Project Management System) is a platform that can be used for hosting various kinds of geospatial information.


A platform for biodiversity education and research was created within the project. Within the website experts and others interested in biodiversity can find researchers, education and funding related to biodiversity:

Partners of the project that took part in the making of the video:  @North Karelia Biosphere Reserve   @Luonnonvarakeskus   @Arbonaut