New openings in Waterway transportation webinar 1.10.

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Webinar 1.10

LOGOKA project presented a webinar and round table discussions on waterway transportation 1st October.

First professor Jari Juga introduces to waterborne transport in Northern Finland. Then Jari Erkkilä from Herman Andersson Ltd told us about the port of Oulu and Pauli Sarpola presented the Port of Raahe.

From Russian side, Vadim Nazarov presented the inland waterway transport possibilities from Karelia to Caspian Sea.

The presentations are available:

During the discussion it was highlighted that the main problem is the unbalanced amount of cargo e.g. more cargo is needed from west to east to fill up the empty trucks from Oulu and Raahe returning back to Russia.  The participants agree that more information about transportation possibilities should be disseminate to Karelian companies.

Two new openings were introduced by Russian participants: First, an idea to establish a hub in Nadvoitsy was introduced. The hub and storage area would serve both truck and railway transport. Second, an idea to rebuild an airport in Pääjärvi (Pjaozero) to serve tourism was presented.