Submitted by KA5030 on 03.09.2020 - 19.15
Green team

In Green School project (KA5030) schools started environmental research in their school buildings using the Ecocase in autumn 2019. School of Eastern Finland, Joensuu, reported test results and improvement plans in December 2019.

Environmental research report, front page

Students did the research using all Ecocase tools. They found out that water comsumption in school toilets and corridor was far too high. With the aim of reducing the natural resources, they decided to reduce water consumption in their school.

Environmental research results about water consumption, School of Eastern Finland, Joensuu

The improvement plan was discussed and agreed between the school team and the project coordinator in February 2020. Automatic water tabs were installed during the distance learning session in May and everything was ready when students entered the school on 14th May.

Old water tabs vs. automatic water tabs

The plan was that automatic water tabs will reduce comsumption of water and energy and will also meet modern precaution requirements (e.g. Coronavirus).

Did automatic water tabs really work as planned?

In August 2020 - after summer holidays - students of School of Eastern Finland, Joensuu have monitored the improvements made.

They have counted that hand washing procedure lasts 18 seconds per student.

11 seconds goes to taking the soap and drying hands.

Monitoring in process.

During old water tabs, students did not turn off the water tab while taking soap and drying their hands - as the result, water ran from the tab 11 seconds in vain. Therefore, every student spent 3,3 liters fresh water of which 2 litres went in vain.

When every one of 200 School of Eastern Finland students washes his/her hands two times a day, the school uses 260 000 liters of water in one school year. Over half of the amount, 160 000 liters, goes in vain.

Automatic water tabs give water only when the hands are under the tab, about 7 seconds per time. It makes 0,5 liters per person.

When calculating the use of water of 200 school students washing their hands two times a day, it makes 46 000 liters. This makes 82 % less water than with old water tabs! What a difference!

Students take care of hand hygiene using water and energy saving automatic tabs.

And one more thing: in School of Eastern Finland, Joensuu they save not just water but also energy: automatic water tabs use a lot less warm water, too!