Green improvements in Laanila school

Submitted by KA5030 on 04.02.2021 - 13.59
Laanila school

Green school project supports positive environmental changes in schools.

Using the project funds the student teams develop and implement own ideas of school improvements. They stand for green lifestyle. The students and teachers make changes in the school premises with positive impact on the nature and health of people.

The students from Laanila school in Oulu City, Finland, filmed the results of their work in Green school project. What kind of changes in Laanila school are visible now? You can learn it from the video. 

In March 2021 6 schools participating in the project will exchange their experiences in green school changes. The project teams are working in the Cities of Joensuu, Oulu, municipality of Valtimo (Finland) and Petrozavodsk, Medvezhiegorsk, Kostomuksha in Karelia Republic.

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