Green energy came to Matkachi center

Submitted by KA5030 on 19.05.2019 - 15.58

The Solar power system is installed in Matkachi youth educational center in suburb of Petrozavodsk by Green school project of Karelia CBC Program.

On May 15, 2019 the presentation of the Solar power system for mass media and youth leaders had been held.

The system consists of solar panels which produce electricity, solar collectors and solar pump producing the heating and hot water.

When sun is shining the house takes minimum power from traditional electricity line. And if there is an electricity shutdown in the area, the house will work in autonomous mode during several hours. Youth can just continue their activities during camps, seminars, events which take place in Matkachi center all year round.

These panels are called "small solar station". They give electricity to the pellet boiler and well pump. In no electricity comes from traditional lines the heating and water remain working in the house.

The solar power station will be also used in the educational purposes. All the elements of the system are supplied by explanations both outside and inside the building. 

Children can read the information on the tables and learn more about renewable energy and modern green standards.

In the "heart of the system" all the tubes are marked by different colors. The explanation table tells about the role of each tube. Young people can see how the heat comes from solar collectors and solar pump and then arrives to the radiators and hot water taps.

Matkachi youth educational center is operated by the Regional center of supplementary education under the Ministry of education of Karelia Republic. It's a popular place for outdoor activities of youth organizations, educational centers and schools. Matkachi center provides low-cost accommodation cervices for youth groups, and there is no such an alternative near Petrozavodsk City. That is why the small investments provided by Karelia CBC program are highly important for environmental education development in the region.

During the presentation youth leaders got detailed information about the Solar power system. Now they can explain how it works to young people during the events here.

The regional TV companies covered the presentation in Matkachi.

Here you can watch the TV report by Sampo TV news program:


Here you can watch the report in the weekly news program of Karelia TV (starting from 8.16):


Here is the news article in the Russian Agency of social information.

The Green school project is implemented by the partnership of organizations from Karelia Republic and North Karelia, Finland: Karelian Education Development Fund (Karelia Republic), Hyvärilä Youth and Holiday Centre (City of Nurmes, Finland), Regional resource center for supplementary education development (Karelia Republic). The goal of the project is to strengthen the system of environmental education in schools on both sides of the border. 

Photos by Igor Podgorny