Size of a project

The minimum amount of the grant (= programme funding) in regular projects is 50 000 EUR. In addition at least 10% of own contribution is needed which means that the minimum size of a project is 55 556 EUR. Maximum amount is not defined. However, the financial frame of the Call for Proposal can’t be exceeded. Note also, that it’s highly unlikely that a grant application would be considered cost-efficient if the amount requested covered all the available funding.

The maximum amount of a micro project is 50 000 EUR, the maximum amount of a grant being 45 000 EUR.

The budget is compared to the specific objective of the project on the evaluation phase. The project must be cost-efficient and the planned activities have to be appropriate for reaching the specific objective. In other words, the size of the project in Euros must correspond to the value of the promised final outcome.

In Karelia ENPI CBC Programme the size of a regular project was typically between 400 000 – 700 000 EUR.