Micro projects in a nutshell

Micro projects aim either to make necessary preparatory actions for development and investment projects or to undertake surveys or pre-feasibility studies to justify activities within larger projects. A micro project may aim at a larger project within the Karelia CBC Programme context or in other financial instruments.

The maximum total cost of a micro project is 50,000 euros. Note that this amount includes 90% of Programme financing. In other words, the maximum Programme financing for micro projects is 45,000 euros. In any case, a minimum of 10% own contribution is needed.

The implementation period of a micro project may not exceed 12 months.

Micro projects are also cooperation projects, and the partnership requirements for cross-border cooperation apply: at least two organisations are needed, one from each side of the border.

Micro projects are connected to Priorities 1 (Growing cross-border business cooperation) and 3 (Clean and comfortable region to live in), and projects should be clearly connected to the objectives of the chosen priority.

Calls for Proposals for micro projects are not foreseen at the moment.