Finding partners

If you don't already have partners when starting the project planning the best way to proceed is to contact potential partner organisations directly.

Ideas for potential partners can be found for example from the CBC Programmes' project portal and KEEP. From both portals you can find organisations who have participated in previous projects. Though, the partners don't have to have previous experience on ENPI or CBC projects, so do widen your search. 

In KEEP there's also a list of potential partners. You can enlist your organisation as potential partner even if you have never implemented a cross-border project before. We strongly recommend enlisting. 

The Managing Authority won't search or contact partners for you, but may help to recognise potential partners if necessary. If you need help in recognising potential partners from Finland you may contact Programme Coordinator Niko Auer and if you need help recognising partners from Russia you can contact Dmitri Bazegski.