Looking back

Submitted by Henna on 21.01.2021 - 13.56

The Karelia Cross-Border Cooperation Programmes have promoted cross-border cooperation between Finland and the Republic of Karelia  for over twenty years now. The objectives of hundreds of funded projects have been diverse, and the programmes have funded different kind of actions ranging from the construction of border crossing points to improving joint business activities or sheep farming in the area.

Even the implementation and funding periods of these projects are reasonably short, usually from two to three years, the programmes have tried to find projects with possibilities for sustainability in their results. The objective is that the project, so to speak, stays alive after the funding for the project has ended.

In 2020, we contacted some of our old project partners in order to hear if the results of their projects have been sustainable and if the projects have provided a basis for cross-border cooperation in the future years as well. In this short series of articles that is published during January and February, 2021, we share some information of these projects, what was done during them and how sustainable these project results have been.

Hallan Sauna